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G-Dragon talks difference in life as Kwon Ji Yong and top star G-Dragon

By KpopJoA   27 days ago   74,480   11,171   0



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Big Bang leader G-Dragon recently posed for the latest issue of fashion magazine 'Elle' collaborating with Chanel's 2017 Cosmopolite Collection.

The artist struck dynamic poses wearing an elegant coat to looking flashy in a gold suit, presenting a classy yet youthful side.  G-Dragon sat down for an exclusive interview regarding his new solo album 'Kwon Ji Yong' which was released after 4 years.

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He talked about the differences between glamorous G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong the person.  "G-Dragon is full of confidence and is fancy and a lot stronger person, however, Kwon Ji Yong is an introvert who has a lot of thoughts and is someone who wants to lean on family and friends."  The star added about his personas, "Kwon Ji Yong is someone who is looking to discover his existence off stage by having the time to lean on others, in which G-Dragon doesn't have."

Following a successful opening on his solo world tour 'ACT Ⅲ, M.O.T.T.E' in Seoul, G-Dragon will be meeting fans across the globe stopping at major cities.

Will you be attending one of G-Dragon's concerts this summer?

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    1. G-Dragon
    2. elle

    The_Rose_Knows 26 days ago

    lmao he's lowkey flipping us off in the first photo

    MunchieMinx 26 days ago

    He looks so good--just UGH JUST COME ON ALREADY JULY *insert me waving MAH TICKETS* With that said, I hope after all the touring and the promoting he does get to just be "Jiyong" for a while. Like let him have a nice long rest and do whatever makes him happy and stuff in that time. He's BEEN G-Dragon for like over ten years now and I'm more than appreciative of the time he's dedicated to that side of himself.

    L_catzzz MunchieMinx 26 days ago

    No worries. He will be Jiyong when he goes for military enlistment.

    MunchieMinx L_catzzz 26 days ago

    Well I'm a bit too much of a pacifist for the whole "compulsory military" thing, but any break from the stress of promotions is better than no break at all.

    kpoplolita 27 days ago

    he looks really sexy here

    yonyulsic 27 days ago

    His chin looks fine here. Why does it looks big in other pics?

    trogdorthe8th yonyulsic 27 days ago

    Well, you have to remember that they are professional pictures, so those can be altered and photoshopped to get the best look for whomever is being filmed.

    kpoplolita yonyulsic 27 days ago

    the fillers he gets looks like that initially first couple of days/weeks. then simmers down. its not as pointy as before. hes been really busy and he lost weight + previous filler mus thave worn off after ages so he got touched up. loving the pics here though

    judyi 27 days ago

    OF COURSE IM SEEING HIM LIVE.....I LOVE THIS MANCHILDGdragon is the person everyone wants to see, he is the performer who stops anyone and marvels at his presence. Kwon Ji Yong is the kid inside that has felt hurt and betrayed. He is the one that is still a debut rookie. I feel like Taeyang brings himself more on stage that GD ever could. Kwon Ji Yong appears when he is singing haru haru to fans, when his team wins on shows and he wants to cry, its the person who smiles at his younger sister CL or his real friends. One is a extraordinary and the other extra ordinary.

    ashablue 27 days ago

    somehow, every time i look at him now, i just feel sad for him. He looks lonely

    judyi ashablue 27 days ago

    hes been like that for years now. Its like he is broken but he still wants to be by the people who love him as much as family, which is his fans

    ashablue judyi 26 days ago

    yeah i know. i can really feel like he's tired of the fame but he cant also let go of it. idk. i hope he finds joy

    JeanaKJY 27 days ago

    my baby :")

    nymeria24 27 days ago

    now everytime i look at him i look at his chin damn it xD

    kiko_san 27 days ago

    G-DRAGON UNTITLED MV  is now 20, 466, 866 millions view! [ 2 weeks ]

    kalimilano 27 days ago

    OMG ... he's wonderful  *______*

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