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DAY6 give fans a little spoiler to their upcoming July song at fanmeeting

By jennywill   30 days ago   9,307   1,962   13



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DAY6 held a mini fanmeeting with their fans for their 1st full album.

After their performance on 'Show! Music Core' on the 24th, the boys held a mini fanmeeting where they handed out jelly, macaron, and yogurt to the fans. They also revealed a bit of their upcoming song for July and revealed it would revolve around the words 'Hello' (or 'goodbye', as the words are the same in Korean) and 'baby'.

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Are you excited for their July release as well?

  1. DAY6

beatz_hl 29 days ago

They make a comeback every month or what? 

bluequail beatz_hl 29 days ago

yes, do you not know about the everyday6 project? I can explain it if u want lol

Shitdowntaehyung bluequail 29 days ago

I thought after their full album came out they were gonna promote or on tour.. but they are still releasing a new song every sixth day of the year?

beatz_hl bluequail 29 days ago

Omg seriously??!! I was follow them at the beginning but after you were beautiful I stop 'cause was to much ahahaha

beatz_hl Shitdowntaehyung 29 days ago

Every sixth day? what they are a typewriter machine :o

bluequail beatz_hl 29 days ago

Yup, they release a title and a side track every month c: this past june they had the previous five months releases + june's onto an album (as well as two other songs), but they release every month usually on the 6th. They have mini concerts two days leading up to the release :) Last year they said they had submitted 24 songs to be reviewed as part of a possible album, only to their surprise all 24 were accepted and the everyday6 project was released :D

bluequail Shitdowntaehyung 29 days ago

Nope till the end of the year :) I mean they have been promoting on music shows plus fansigns/meetings for this release, but the project will continue till the end of the year. Technically no tour, but prior to every monthly release, they have a two-day mini concert :) So we can expect another album in December after all of the future monthly releases, just as in June! It's possible if one of their songs completely takes off/they get super popular, they might jump into a tour or even more comebacks soon after to keep the momentum going

Shitdowntaehyung beatz_hl 29 days ago

Every sixth day of every month I meant LOL. They still are pretty talented though, every song they released has been grea.

Shitdowntaehyung bluequail 29 days ago

A tour would make me so happy. Especially if they can come to the U.S. I would not miss out on it. Looking forward to their next album then and this release in Julyyy

bluequail Shitdowntaehyung 29 days ago

I know I would give up everything to see them live ;w; There was a fan meeting planned last year I think near California, but not enough people signed up/bought tickets so it was canceled... they came to kcon NY last year, and I remember people saying they were amazing live ;w;

Shitdowntaehyung bluequail 28 days ago

Really? Well they have grown so much since then so I can't see them not selling a lot of tickets for a fanmeet and I bet they are amazing live. I've seen footage.

E_Williams 30 days ago

Wayyyyyy more excited than I should be .–. (Can't wait!!!)

aldaceli 30 days ago


The End



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