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Fans send luxurious steak buffet to the set of 'Bride of the Water God' in support of Krystal

By yckim124   29 days ago   31,154   7,485   28



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Krystal received some luxurious support from her fans!

On June 25, Krystal thanked fans via Weibo for the delicious buffet delivered to the set of new tvN drama 'Bride of the Water God'.

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Along with the photos, Krystal wrote, "Loved THE MURA KITCHEN. Thank you all, muahhh"

The steak buffet was accompanied by luxurious table settings. 

The f(x) member is playing a top actress named Mura in 'Bride of the Water God'. The first episode will air on July 3. 

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chiang113 28 days ago

i love krystal

alicehalf 28 days ago


alicehalf 28 days ago

beyondordinary 28 days ago

Love her. MeUs want a comeback SM

krell 28 days ago

http:// weibo. com/u/5866653170 ... <-- KRYSTAL's WEIBO site. She had NOT posted anything on it in over 4 MONTHS. I guess this was a good reason to find the her WEIBO password for it.

Kurare 28 days ago

just how many fans pitched in to fork the bill?! =O

pink_oracle Kurare 28 days ago

And how did they organise it? I mean they must have needed to coordinate with the production crew.

Kyzara Kurare 28 days ago

Fansites who takes pics usually sells photobooks or special stuff to other fans and with the money, they reinvest in gifts and support like this for the idol. For coordination, they probably had a contact or asked nicely, usually the crew is very happy to have nice food closeby :p

Kurare Kyzara 28 days ago

oooooooo... interesting way of doing things, i didnt think of that =)

amberisagirl 28 days ago

She looks so beautiful! Omo.

Chubbypanda 28 days ago

can someone please explain to my how it works with sending idols food trucks or dining buffet, doesn't it cost a fortune to spend all that money on idols who make a lot of money, do they collect money to pay for it or so. I find it very fascinating. because i always see fans sending their support with food trucks or so. thank you in advance.

2fat Chubbypanda 28 days ago

I think it's a shame but the Korean film and drama industry works on a shoe string budget it seems. I've seen indoor scenes shot during the winter and you can see the actor's breath. They production does not provide meals for the cast and crew even though they may work long hours filming. In the US industry meals are provided on set by the companies.

Chubbypanda 2fat 28 days ago

ok but how much does it does it cost to send food truck to your idol as support. Do they have a fanclub or something where they can donate & aren't there any cases of scamming. Because i see that a lot of idols get food trucks as support. They make it seem cheap and affordable to buy.

periwinkledomo Chubbypanda 28 days ago

depending on what the fans send, and to a staff of anywhere from 100-200 people, probably anywhere from $1000-3000. idols usually have main fansites that will ask for donations. u kinda just have to trust that they wont scam you.

Chubbypanda periwinkledomo 28 days ago

wow that's a lot of money. thanks for the information.

krell Chubbypanda 28 days ago ... <-- Speaking of FAN GIFTS ; someone said that the SHOES gift alone here was like a value of $2000 USD. FANS have 'Money to Burn,' I guess.

2fat Chubbypanda 28 days ago

Also other actors will send food and coffee trucks to sets. I'd imagine it's couple of thousand bucks depending on the food. This was steak which I think is pretty expensive in SK.

missnumbered 2fat 28 days ago

Yes it definitely is a HUGE shame about budgets on films and dramas! This however is inevitable because Korea is not nearly as big as the US :( If we did have the materials and circumstances I'm sure we would've made some amazing films! Even without that though there are still many films that really speak to the hearts of audiences.

2fat missnumbered 28 days ago

I like indie films anyway and those are low budget no matter where they're made most of the time.

sehunniebun 28 days ago

Wow nice! That looks delish

myanaconda 29 days ago

She cant acting and always acting bitchy. so fans trying to save her to get  staff' less nerves because of her.

Ti5258 28 days ago

well you can't spell and your grammar sucks

spriteexo 29 days ago

Fuck she's so gorgeous

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