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BTS share each other's charming points, changes in group dynamics, and collaborations

By harmony4377   28 days ago   52,747   8,633   0



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BTS recently sat down to discuss group dynamics, their charming points, and tips on their group's success for Sports Seoul's 32nd anniversary. 

BTS garnered much attention after their successful win at the 'Billboard Music Awards' in regards to whether or not winning the award has changed the group's dynamics. Member J-Hope replied, "Hm... the label that people put in front of our name has changed in my opinion. Most of the people around us now call us 'the singers who've won the Billboard Awards."' Jungkook also mentioned, "I think that our stage promotions have grown, so I am worried and a bit burdened."  

When asked about each other's charming points, Rap Monster stated, "Suga is cynical, but cute. Jimin is between sexy and cute."

Additionally, when the group was asked about desirable collaborations, member Jin replied, "I would like to collaborate with Sandeul (B1A4)." On various instances, BTS have expressed their desire to work with Drake, Charlie Puth, and Tinashe

Wrapping up the interview, BTS stated that their group's success is dependent on one thing: teamwork. Currently, BTS are on their final leg of 'The Wings Tour' in Japan, and the group is reported to be making a comeback sometime later this year. 

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veilless 27 days ago

i don't get the logic behind reporting on something but only in one line. at least put a link or something to the full article if you won't cover it properly. all members talked about each other and had comments, so it feels so half-assed when i see one line or member picked out of the full picture. if you really only want to report on an article being written about them somewhere then at least help people find the full thing.

RAS33 27 days ago

I've read different versions of this, allkpop you need to work on transilations

Blue82 28 days ago

That isn't exactly what they said. They said that everything was accomplished thanks to Army and they also talked more in depth about the collaborations they want. There were some other nice comments made about each other too.

Armyinthehouse 28 days ago

Bias has great taste in music and people. Love both.

OGTrashKan 28 days ago

RM always sounds like he has a crush on his members! Lol!😁

riceboii 28 days ago

i wanna get gangbanged lol

The_Rose_Knows riceboii 28 days ago

dude, kids are on this website. chill.

nxu02 riceboii 28 days ago

everyone has fetishes but please dont disclose information about this on a public website. i don't know if this relates to bts but i'm sure they would not want you to think about them that way

riceboii The_Rose_Knows 27 days ago

theyll learn soon enough

riceboii nxu02 27 days ago

im sure they wanna gb me too

hanalala707 28 days ago

Rats has no charming point

HarryBJ hanalala707 28 days ago

but BTS aren't rats so they do have charms😘

marinalee27 HarryBJ 27 days ago

Even so, Rat Monster is more charming than haters, cuz they know his name and he don't even have to know theirs

Jungkook58 hanalala707 27 days ago

I smell a stinky rat here.

riceboii 28 days ago

can you imagine like a Jin Sandeul Ken collab. ugudnbgjdk i just busted

fcknren riceboii 28 days ago

aw i love friends

Little_CandY 28 days ago

Good Choice jin :D Sandeul is one of the most underrated vocalists ever istg

BPJJANG Little_CandY 28 days ago

Agree... Sandeul's vocal in their song 'Remember' is just pure gold💗

kruton Little_CandY 28 days ago

I agree. Ever since B1A4 debut and I couldn't hit the high note, I looked up who was singing it and of course it was Sandeul. His vocal range and abilities are so crazy but people don't recognize it for some reason D:

Armyinthehouse kruton 28 days ago

Have you heard his concert solo for "just the two of us"? Specially the second half of the song... if not you should, i find myself shaking every single time.

pandabarrels 28 days ago

V looks so happy to be in the middle of all those hugs lol xD

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