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Seolhyun says she can't remember what she did on AOA's concert stage

By elliefilet   17 days ago   96,640   4,971   57



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AOA's Seolhyun revealed she can't remember what she did when she got on stage at AOA's first solo concert '2017 AOA 1st Concert - Ace of Angels' on March 11.

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Seolhyun spoke up about her own individual stage. She said, "I really worked hard dancing and singing. However, I danced unconsciously on stage, so I don't know how my performance ended. I don't remember," revealing she went all in on her performance.

The other AOA members also commented on covering boy groups for the concert, saying, "We tried covering boy groups for the first time this concert. We recorded everything and worked hard to practice the dance. Did we look like G-Dragon sunbae?"

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    JeffBenson 16 days ago

    I was truly surprised to hear this was their first concert ... must have been lots of pressure. I wasn't there ... but I wish I was.

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    hyukki 16 days ago

    It is kind of sad to hear this. Their job on the concert stage is NOT to just dance and sing. It is to entertain. Talk to people, make jokes, show fans something new. So amateurish! In my opinion, their management is not doing a good job and maybe AoA is not ready for the prime time yet. They've been busy flashing pretty faces, they forgot what an entertainer suppose to do.

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    unscrewedhorses 17 days ago

    That's actually a real thing that happens when you're too busy. It happened to me when I took a trip to Japan and shoved a million activities into 10 days; I couldn't remember half of it when I got home. Morning Musume's Yuko Nakazawa once said that her manager would gauge whether she was overworked by asking if she remembered what she did yesterday, and if she said no, they'd take a break. She had no recollection of shooting a whole music video. So it's not a drug thing, it's an overworked thing.

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    Logan_W 17 days ago

    someone below said it's because she's on drugs that she doesn't remember, I just wanna let you guys know that while that could be the case (idk her life lol), that is not necessarily what it means if she doesn't remember. i did performing arts all of my life, just graduated from university for it, not remembering what you did onstage is not uncommon at all. it happens all the time. it's due to adrenaline and nerves. we called it performance high or performance "black out". it happened to me on opening nights and such. it really isn't weird. it just means she's hyped up and nervous!

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    dreamcatcher810 Logan_W 16 days ago

    Ikr?? when you're too nervous or have expected something for a long time and when it happens you kind of forget the moment... for example I forgot a lot of things that happened in Coldplay's concert last year since they are my fave band I found the situation surreal and feel like I have lagoons of this concert lmao

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    Dramorian 17 days ago

    Like someone have said: "She was possessed by Beyonce"

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    Sharleen22 17 days ago

    She is GORGEOUS

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    Jaraiya_Ero 17 days ago

    She's worked so hard that everything is becoming an innate emotion, meaning she goes into 'Automatic' mode when on stage!!

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    ayamemida 17 days ago

    kim seolhyun \O/

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    snsdtwinkle 17 days ago

    Reminds me of a quote I say all the time: "I can't regret something I don't remember" lolol Slay Seolhyun!

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    Melina45d snsdtwinkle 17 days ago

    Ha! Why is that so true XD. Now If only it was easy to forget things lol.

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    seochulgoo 17 days ago

    When I'm nervous, I also never remember what I've done... Maybe she was nervous idk

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