Actress Kim Tae Ri criticized for mentioning Kim Min Hee in her award speech

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Actress Kim Tae Ri is gaining criticism for her speech at the 'Busan International Film Festival'.

During the ceremony, Kim Tae Ri was honored with 'Best New Actress' for her outstanding performance in 'The Handmaiden'. To express her gratitude, Kim Tae Ri gave a speech, and said, "I appreciate director Park Chan Wook and the production family, who's currently in London for 'The Handmaiden' promotion. Also, I want to honor this award to Kim Min Hee sunbaenim, with whom I fell in love with at first sight."

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Unfortunately, Kim Tae Ri has become the center of criticism by netizens for mentioning her co-star Kim Min Hee during her speech. The reason behind the negativity is due to Kim Min Hee's recent affair scandal with director Hong Sang Soo. Many found it inappropriate for Kim Tae Ri to mention Kim Min Hee's name at a public event as if nothing happened. 

Comments stated, "Girl, you're gonna put yourself in danger for trying to keep your friendship. Maybe you just need some controversy to make yourself more known, but stop.. You're gonna get slammed", "Kim Min Hee destroyed the lives of that director's wife and daughter. She's a family destroyer. You could've thanked her personally. It's inappropriate to mention her out loud like that. That was thoughtless of you", etc. 

On the other hand, there are some who are on Kim Tae Ri's side, commenting, "People need to stop overreacting. She just mentioned her since they worked together", "You can criticize Kim Min Hee's private life, but criticizing Kim Tae Ri's speech is unreasonable", and more. 

What are your thoughts on Kim Tae Ri's speech? 




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    BigBlueagain 14 days ago

    If anyone on the street cheated and ended up divorced, no one would really care. It's THEIR problem and THEY have to deal with the consequences. But in S. Korea? Grab the pitch forks and the torches villages, it's time to string our celebrities up for being human. It's simple, if you found what a person did so reprehensible that you cannot even look at them, don't. No one is making you pay to see them. You have that choice. What you don't have is the right to torture someone for something you or someone around you is just as guilty of.

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    RandyT 14 days ago

    They worked together in the film as female leads; it's a matter of fact no matter what Min Hee did outside the shooting. Tae Ri just tried to express her gratitude towards parties involved that made her debut successful. So imho there's nothing wrong to mention Min-hee's name.

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    Rosie1140 16 days ago

    just mentioning her gratitude, i see no problem, stop overreacting

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