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[Drama Review] 'W' - Episode 2

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Han Hyo Joo gives us more of her cringe, awkward acting. The official 'love line' kicks off between Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo's characters which will either make you frown in distaste or squeal in delight. And the webtoon keeps writing itself? 

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What do I mean by that? Well, it means just that. The webtoon literally draws and writes by itself. Initially, I believed it was Chul who kidnapped and forced Yeon Joo's father to tell the story his way, but after this episode, I noticed that Chul seems just as clueless as Yeon Joo and her father. A bigger force is pulling the strings from somewhere, or the webtoons' really got a life of its own. It's not certain at this point. If someone is indeed acting as the master puppeteer behind this, then s/he clearly has a motive for keeping Chul alive. 

OMG lemme tell you about dis crazy conspiracy theory. 

If keeping Chul alive is the goal, then the biggest, most logical motive I can think of money. Once the webtoon ends, the royalties from the story will stop rolling in. And the person who will be affected most of all from this cut in royalties is, of course, Yeon Joo's father. To a lesser extent, his underlings will also suffer from the loss of income but as skilled artists with experience working for a renown writer, it's not like they won't be able to find jobs elsewhere. 

Oooohhh dis bish be really testin ma nerves. 

As the author of a hit webtoon series, I can't imagine that he would want his most profitable work to come to an abrupt end. However, that's exactly what Oh wants. He's so keen on killing Chul off that he's attempted it twice already...from what we've seen in the drama. Oh could have tried to punch Chul's ticket for good many times before, all to no avail. Strange that every time that Oh tries to 'murder' Chul he is always miraculously saved, eh? 

So is some preternatural force at work here? Something that can't be explained by logic? Perhaps. The force (or person) who is actually writing 'W' is cleverly using Yeon Joo's deep sympathy toward Chul to pit her against her father as she obviously doesn't want Chul dead. And once Yeon Joo and Chul become more closely linked and involved, it will be even harder to get rid of Chul. 

*Whistles* nice riiiiiide

Though Oh makes himself out to be victim in the drama, wailing that he will "be eaten alive" by his own creation, I suspect that he's hiding something as well. The way he gets so upset and defensive when Yeon Joo tell him about her pulls into the webtoon world is indication enough that he harbors a dark secret about the webtoon and more specifically, Chul.

LJS: "Please hold your breath because these are premium leather seats and I don't want your breath tainting them."

HHJ: "I...I'll try my best!" 

The suspense is definitely edge-of-your-seat and will keep you guessing. But it's a whole different story for Han Hyo Joo. I'll be honest here...her acting is ruining this drama for me. I like the plot because it's refreshing but Han Hyo Joo's acting including everything from her minor facial expressions to bodily gestures appear forced, unnatural, and downright unbearable. At one point, I even ranted to my co-worker that she "looks like a crazy person" and that no one would seriously act so spastic in real life. Ugh. I don't know...maybe the script/director dictate that she act in this overly exaggerated manner. If that's the case, then WHY. This kind of comical style acting is so unfit for what is mostly a suspense genre series. Maybe I'll get used to the horrible acting? *crosses fingers* 







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    Keira_Lee Friday, July 29, 2016

    Your review is irrelevant. Do you really know how to act? Maybe the director ask her to do so. She acts natural when filming this. Maybe you're just jealous because she's the main female character, got to film this drama with Lee Jong Suk(and got to kiss him many times) anddd she's an amazing & sucessful actress rather than you just sitting there and judging her "horrible" acting behind that monitor. Even if you judge her acting, she still Be acting the drama and the rating would still be high. Maybe its even higher than your IQ #ops #sorrynotsorry you don't know what you're dealing with.  Please be nice and stop lying about Hyo Joo's acting cause literally everyone likes her acting. You don't deserve making this review.

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    Sweet_Milk_Tea Friday, July 29, 2016

    um MAYBE the reason why Hyo Joo is being exaggerative is BECAUSE she keeps getting thrown in the W world without warning and that she's frustrated with Soo Bong not believing her (until ep 3)??? If you look at it from her "THE FUCK IS GOING ON WHERE AM I WHY IS TIME SPINNING SO DANG FAST QUICK WHAT DO I DO TO GET OUT OF HERE" perspective you'd understand

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    aaaanneee Sunday, July 24, 2016

    This drama is sooo unique and addictive! From Doctors to Uncontrollably Fond, I think W is the best one!

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