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JYJ's Junsu asks fans to look forward to his 2nd album this July

June 3, 2013 @ 2:57 am
by pkdance
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JYJ's Junsu will remind fans why they fell in love with him once again through his 2nd solo album this July! 


Yes, you heard right fans as C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the exciting news, "Junsu (XIA) will make a comeback with his 2nd full-length album this July. For his 1st full-length album released last year, Junsu received praise as an idol with a perfect balance and sensational music video. To show Junsu's development, we are working hard to prepare this album. It would be good for fans to look forward to it."


"Since this album will be released this summer, it is planned to have refined, pop songs and will have a balance of ballad and performance as fitting of Junsu (XIA). It will be a fantastic album."


Stay tuned for more details because this summer will definitely be an exciting one!


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