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"The Baddest Female" CL releases her solo debut MV

May 27, 2013 @ 11:02 pm
by carolicity
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2NE1's CL, or should we say "The Baddest Female", is here with her highly anticipated solo debut!


The 2NE1 leader has been leaving her fans quite anxious with various hints and teaser images here and there, and now Blackjacks, the wait is over!

As mentioned before, the song, according to her agency, "is a very slow hip hop beat track at 70 BPM, which is not that different from a ballad... It incorporates CL's powerful rap along with dougie dubstep and modern sounds... The strategy as well as the point of this song is how powerfully CL can express it despite the slow beat."


So check out the song above through the MV and see if you can spot cameos by her labelmates!

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