Seventeen holds their first ever concert for the finale of 'Seventeen TV'

May 12, 2013 @ 9:10 pm
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Seventeen successfully held their first ever concert entitled, 'Seventeen Show', for the season finale of 'Seventeen TV'.

Seventeen concluded their fresh segment, 'Seventeen's Finding Music Friends', which features the boys undergoing singing and dancing lessons with members of the public. Fans who have been following the group's training process got to see the fruits of their labor for the past two months. The group split up into the subunits, 'Jackson7' and 'Jinkyung's Boys', and impressed with their R&B and hip hop style performances.

15,000 fans from Korea tuned in to watch the live finale and international fans also visited the set of the show to support the group.

Watch a few of the performances below!

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