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SECRET, T-ara N4, or 4minute, which girl group comeback stage did you like the most?

May 2, 2013 @ 4:37 pm
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The May girl group battle has just begun, and the ones that have clashed first are 4minute, SECRET, and T-ara N4!

All three of these respective groups held their comeback stages on 'M! Countdown' and every one of them had something different to bring to the stage!

4minute brought back the definition of sexy with "What's Your Name?". This comeback isn't their first comeback stage as they performed last week as well. The girls performed "Whatever" along with their title song, showing off their usual fierce rapping and vocals. The girls also brought on their zombie crowd for the stage.

SECRET was unique out of the three groups in that instead of fierce and sexy, they went for a cute, bright image instead. They dressed in toned down black and white for the ballad "Only U", but then got into cute, frilly white one-pieces and sneakers to call out "Yoohoo". The song is perfect for the summer in its brightness. Their bright white set along with their pink-clad backdancers added onto the bright mood.

T-ara N4 had said that the dance was so fierce that they needed 1.5L of water right after the dance, but the girls pulled it off like it was no big deal. They were joined by SPEED's Taewoon, who performed the rap for them. The girls looked awesome with the points to their choreography were the 'rabbit dance' and the 'dinga dinga dance'.

Which stage did you like the most?

Update: Poll is closed, see results here.


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