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Huh Gak speaks out against his antis

April 27, 2013 @ 10:31 am
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Huh Gak spoke out against his antis.

The singer seemed incredibly bothered by comments he read online. He vented his frustration on Twitter and wrote, "Kekeke, I can only laugh because I'm so dumbfounded... I'll be quiet, so stop criticizing me. I guess it's my fault for looking at it.. But this is too much. Today's a day I realize that being honest is a crime.. Children of darkness, have a good day...ㅡㅡ."

He then added, "I'm going to go see a musical to get over it. 'When a Man is in Love'! It's going to be fun, right..?"

Though Huh Gak didn't clarify what he was talking about, hopefully the musical made him feel better.



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