4minute's Jihyun brings laughs with her 'i-padding' on 'SNL Korea'

April 30, 2013 @ 12:59 am
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4minute's Jihyun drew laughter from the viewers on the latest broadcast of 'SNL Korea' with her '19+' skit.

Jihyun made the audience stir as soon as she stepped onto the set of the 'Apple Industry' segment while Shin Dong Yup was talking about one of this faux-company's hottest items 'i-padding', which is essentially a bra with lots of padding.

She boldly wore the 'i-padding', even placing her 'choco-pie' snack on top of her chest area. Jihyun then commented, "It's part of my body so I wear it even when I sleep. Isn't it Saturday today? I'm going to the club" and also showed off a sexy wave dance, adding to the laugh factor.

Shin Dong Yup then suggested that she also try out their newest product 'i-tel' [short for 'i-motel']. Jihyun at first didn't think she had a need for it, but that all changed when Jay Park suddenly strolled into the screen!

Check out the hilarious segment below to see what happens when Jay Park makes his appearance!

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