4minute's appearance on 'SNL Korea' to be 'sexier than expected'

April 24, 2013 @ 10:13 pm
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Just when you thought 4minute couldn't get any sexier, they prove otherwise.

The girls will be hosting 'SNL Korea' on April 27, and the staff members from the show hinted, "It'll be even sexier than you expect."

They added, "Since they're filming their music video, we don't have the full script yet. We don't know in detail what kind of things they'll be doing. But since they're going to participate very passionately in the program, we're predicting a satisfactory outcome... We're hearing a lot that there's more expectation for this than ever. Since they've always had a hot performance, people are looking forward to something big. All the members are working to show different sides. It's going well."

Are you looking forward to their episode?

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