[Spoiler] Akdong Musician takes inspiration from miss A's Suzy on 'K-Pop Star 2'

March 31, 2013 @ 5:15 pm
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'K-Pop Star 2' contestant Akdong Musician performed "Confessions of a Foreigner" on the latest episode of the music audition program, where only three lucky contestants remained in the battle for the final prize.

For their most grueling round yet, Akdong Musician wanted to pen a song about their 'ideal type'. When J.Y. Park asked them about their own ideal types, Chan Hyuk answered with miss A's Suzy.

Giving some advice, Suzy's boss told Akdong Musician to visit Suzy personally. Although they were initially awed by her presence, they found the inspiration to perform even better.

As their ninth self-produced song featured on 'K-Pop Star 2', the duo received high scores from the three judges, and Akdong Musician successfully made it to the final round along with fellow contestant Bang Ye Dam. Unfortunately, Andrew Choi was dropped from the final three.

Check out the full 'K-Pop Star 2' episode below! [Akdong Musician's performance begins at 6:35 on the second video.]

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