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New tomboy girl group GI (Global Icon) releases member images!

March 20, 2013 @ 2:36 pm
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A new girl group will be debuting with a completely fresh concept!

GI (Global Icon) is completely different from other girl groups with their tomboy concept. The group will be debuting on April 3rd, and the members Hayeon, OneKet, Eunji, AI, and Aram released their photos. Out of the five members, only Eunji has long hair, so at first glance, they might even look like a co-ed group.

Their label Shimtong Entertainment said, "We're going to be different from the cute and sexy girl groups that come out almost once every week with our music and style. You can look forward to them."

Their teaser will be released on the 26th, so stay tuned on allkpop for this fierce new group!

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