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Min and Hyoyeon prove that they're still best friends

March 14, 2013 @ 4:07 pm
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miss A's Min and Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon proved that they're still best friends after all these years with a cute snapshot.

Min shared the cute photo above on her Twitter and wrote, "With ma unnie."

In the photo, Min and Hyoyeon give their V signs to the camera as they enjoy a nice day out together. Fans commented that they look like sisters with their similar poses, fashion, and dancing ability.

Min became good friends with Hyoyeon when they met at a dance school called Little Winners, they teamed up together and put on performances before they debuted with their respective companies.

Min is currently starring in 'Reckless Family 2' while Hyoyeon is in Japan for the '2013 Girls' Generation Arena Tour'.



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