Jang Hyuk confirmed to join new KBS drama!

Jang Hyuk has confirmed a lead role in new KBS drama 'Beautiful Mind'!On April 25, the drama producers stated that Jang Hyuk will play a fast and…

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Wish a happy birthday for Ken and Mingyu!

April rolled around quicker than what anyone could have imagined, and with each new month, there are more K-Pop birthdays.  We've got two bi…

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What is CNBLUE's biggest dream?

CNBLUE sat down for an interview to talk about their new album 'Blueming' on April 4, revealing the one wish they've had since they debuted. The membe…

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Jang Hyuk to possibly star in new KBS drama

Will Jang Hyuk be starring in the new KBS drama 'Beautiful Mind'? According to what Sidus HQ told OSEN April 4, Jang Hyuk has received an offer to sta…

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