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Kwak Jung Wook from 'School 2013' was originally a member of INFINITE?

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INFINITE surprised their fans with a sudden comeback news and teaser video. That wasn't it as there is yet another surprising news about INFINITE.

The boys held their 2nd fanmeeting on March 1, and the MC for the fanmeeting was actor Kwak Jung Wook, who gained a lot of love for his problem-student role in 'School 2013'. When he first stood on stage, he smiled and said, "Hello, I'm Kwak Jung Wook, the MC for INFINITE's fanmeeting today. There are a lot of fans gathered here today, more than what I expected. Did some of my fans come, too?".

In reply, the fans cheered passionately, and Woohyun spoke up in surprise. He teased his labelmate by saying, "What's going on? This is no joke. Anyway, Kwak Jung Wook, why are you here? I guess you weren't busy today", rousing laughter from the crowd. Woohyun continued, "Today is Kwak Jung Wook's first time on stage. It's his official debut as an MC."

Kwak Jung Woo didn't want the verbal sparring to end there as he responded, "There were articles saying that I was going to be an MC for the fanmeeting. The titles were 'The warm friendship between labelmates', but that's wrong. Our CEO forced me to do this. This is strictly business," which caused even louder laughs.

Hoya had a surprise for everyone, and he said, "To be honest, Kwak Jung Wook was originally a member of INFINITE. Not many people know this, but we were dance rivals when we were both trainees."

Kwak Jung Wook admitted, "I did practice dance with the INFINITE members. I already saw their next stage for their comeback, so I'm looking really forward to it."

What do you think INFINITE would have been like if he was part of the group?

[Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!]


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chiing Friday, August 9, 2013

I want to see him dance!

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inspirit8 Friday, August 9, 2013

haha, me too <3

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daesungvip22 Thursday, August 1, 2013

cool :D

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magzfordayz Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OMG That is crazy. My favorite group, and my favorite KDrama.

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