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TEEN TOP reveals 'No.1' details and track list

February 19, 2013 @ 8:55 am
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TOP Media has revealed the details and track list for TEEN TOP's upcoming 'No.1' album!

The boys teased fans with their pre-release "I Wanna Love", and now Angels can get a closer look at 'No.1' before its release on February 25th KST.

According to the agency, the limited edition version of TEEN TOP's first full-length album will include an 80-page photo book with pictures from their stays in Paris and Hong Kong as well as a large sticker picture and six photo cards.

Take a look at the track list for 'No.1' below, and let us know how excited you are for TEEN TOP's upcoming album!

01. No. 1
02. Miss Right
03. Missing you
04. I wanna love
05. Stop girl
06. Why
07. Hello
08. Never go back
09. Mad at U
10. Sweet
11. Get crazy
12. Mr.Bang [feat. Maboos and Chakun of Electroboyz]

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