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Purplay's agency admits the choreography is indeed I.aM.mE's + settles with dance crew to gain permission

By    Tuesday, February 19, 2013   56,004   46,489   0



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Rookie group Purplay's agency has now released their official statement on the matter of the choreography plagiarism issue that received backlash from international fans as well as the members of I.aM.mE.

As mentioned previously, the agency had stated that they had become aware of the issue and were taking measures to resolve the situation.

Following up, Purplei Ent. has released an official statement admitting that they had indeed used I.aM.mE's choreography, but that they have now settled with the I.aM.mE crew to gain permission to use the choreography.

It seems the week of delay in the music video release came after the two sides worked things out after fans and the I.aM.mE members took notice of the music video teaser. Like suspected, it also seems that the inclusion of 'I.aM.mE's name in the video description had come after the two sides worked out their differences.

The agency commented, "After suspicions of choreography plagiarism was raised over in the U.S., we were surprised as well. It is true that the choreography revealed in the video teaser was borrowed from 'I.aM.mE', a famous dance crew from the U.S."

They explained what happened before the news had reached Korea: "Before this issue became big, we settled with 'I.aM.mE', and before the full music video was revealed, we obtained permission for the said choreography," thereby revealing that they did indeed become aware of the controversy after the video teaser, and had then sought to reach an agreement with the dance crew before they released the actual music video.

"The 'cobra dance' is already famous among dancers as a dance that requires a high level of skill. The choreography was used as we believed that Purplay, as a group who doesn't fall behind any other group in Korea in terms of dancing, would be able to pull it off, and it also includes our respect for 'I.aM.mE'... We are sorry to the fans of 'I.aM.mE' that we were not active in communicating with those in the U.S. and provoked confusion," they concluded.

So with issue wrapped up and the agency now having reached an agreement with the dance crew, the group will be embarking on promotions for their debut with track, "Love and Remember".

Source: Imaeil, Star N News



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