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'Hello' participant criticized for his attitude towards INFINITE's Hoya

February 7, 2013 @ 6:41 am
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A few days ago, we reported that INFINITE's Hoya was praised as a 'problem solver' on the show 'Hello' after he helped solve the speech problem of a participant.

However, it seems rather than being happy about the potential solution to his problem, the participant was rather annoyed with Hoya for solving his problem and taking away the chance of being named the #1 concern for the week (there are monetary and other prizes awarded to those who are voted as having the biggest concern).

With Hoya pointing out a solution before the voting started, the participant only earned 43 votes. After the show aired, the participant allegedly wrote on his KakaoStory app, "The mood seemed as if I might be able to win #1, so I even cried [during the show], but Hoya messed it up. Hoya son of a b*tch".

An individual who claims to be an acquaintance of the participant on the show, commented, "I'm an acquaintance, and he really can't pronounce things, but he thinks it's fun. He doesn't even think to try to fix it. He doesn't even attend class often."

Hearing about this, criticisms flowed in from netizens and viewers who watched the show, especially since the participant had revealed that his dream was to be a Korean language teacher. Comments read along the lines of, "He sold his conscience for 1 million KRW (~ 1,000 USD)," "Poor Hoya...", and "[Hoya] sympathized with him even more so and helped solve his problem because he had a similar experience and this is what he gets..."

Source: Herald via Nate



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