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CNBLUE's 'Re:BLUE' continues success overseas in Japan and Taiwan

February 8, 2013 @ 1:07 am
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CNBLUE's 4th mini album 'Re:BLUE' craze is continuing on, not just in Korea, but across other parts of the world as well!

According to Taiwan's music site 'Omusic', CNBLUE's title track "I'm Sorry" and album 'Re:BLUE' ranked #1 on the single and album charts, respectively even before the official release in the country, which will be on February 20th.

The group has also ranked at the top of Japan's Tower Records' chart, and also previously topped Billboard's World Album charts, further showcasing their popularity worldwide.

'Re:Blue' will be officially released in Taiwan on the 20th and the Philippines on the 23rd. Following that will be the group's first world tour in April!


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