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Big Bang Taeyang's brother is a fan of another boy group?

February 26, 2013 @ 2:30 pm
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He may be Taeyang's brother, but Dong Hyun Bae revealed that he's a fan of a boy group other than Big Bang.

Dong Hyun Bae tweeted: "My Japanese school alumni TEEN TOP are coming out with their album <No.1> on the 25th. Please listen to it a lot. This photo is of TEEN TOP's maknae Changjo~ Changjo says he's my younger brother's #1 fan~. Thank you Changjo. ^^ Now~ Let's all listen to it!" He also attached a photo of WANNABESUN99 otherwise known as Changjo.

Have you taken a look at TEEN TOP's first full-length album, 'No.1', and "Miss Right" MV yet?

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