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Jiyoung photobombs Nicole as a baby chick?

January 25, 2013 @ 10:05 pm
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KARA's Nicole revealed a photo of a 'baby chick' Jiyoung.

On January 24, Nicole shared the above photo and wrote, "Kkang-ji was a baby chick today, heh. She was playing with selcas by herself but got into a pose right away (for my selca) heh." The photo showed Nicole taking a beautiful smiling selca. The photo also captured Jiyoung in a layered yellow dress hopping in right before the photo was taken. Jiyoung was making a comical expression at the camera, and the color and shape of the dress reminded not only Nicole but fans of a baby chick.

Fans commented, "Jiyoung is so cute", "I can tell Nicole loves Jiyoung", and "I love this combination!".

Source: Nicole's Twitter

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