J.Tune Camp looking into the mysterious post under Lee Joon's name on official fan cafe

January 23, 2013 @ 5:27 am
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As mentioned earlier, a mysterious post that appeared to be posted by MBLAQ's Lee Joon on his official fan cafe was spotted during the early morning of January 23rd and was shortly deleted afterwards, but not before more than a hundred fans had taken notice and commented on the post.

With the post raising concern and worry from fans, J.Tune Camp has revealed that they are currently looking into the matter.

A representative commented, "We are currently checking with Lee Joon to see if they are his words... We have not yet confirmed whether they are Lee Joon's words yet."

Since fans began to speculate that perhaps the post had something to do with Lee Joon's frustration towards 'We Got Married', the rep commented, "Lee Joon decided to keep appearing on 'We Got Married', so it is suspicious to think that he would post those words. We are currently confirming with Lee Joon, so please don't assume."

[Update: J.Tune Camp has released their official statement on the matter. Read about it here.]

Source: TV Report

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