Choi Jin Shil's children Hwanhee and Junhee bid their father farewell

January 8, 2013 @ 12:51 am
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Choi Jin Shil's children, Hwanhee and Junhee, bid their father farewell at his funeral.

Choi Jin Shil's ex-husband Jo Sung Min committed suicide on the 5th. During the funeral, the Junhee (10), reportedly told their father, "Bye, daddy. Meet mommy in a good place". Hwanhee (12) also told their father goodbye. Neither children cried at the funeral. Son Duk Gi, Jo Sung Min's agent, revealed, "He looked peaceful as if he was asleep. Junhee told him 'Bye daddy. Meet mommy in a good place', and Hwanhee said his farewell as well."

Both children had lost their mother four years ago, their uncle two years ago, and now their father. Relatives who saw Hwanhee and Junhee at the funeral said, "They kept checking their father's death on the internet as if they couldn't believe it."

Hwanhee was the chief mourner with his aunt, and stayed until late at night. The relative said, "They were calm, like always, yesterday night. When I see the two children, my heart hurts so much that I can't look at them. We're watching over them closely because they might have a severe shock from this."

The two children saw the funeral from start to finish. A relative of the late Choi Jin Shil said, "The Hwanhee-Junhee siblings are going to participate in sending him off and will go to the cemetery as well. They will acting as the chief mourner until the end."

Source: via Nate Image: Mydaily

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