Will of the late Jo Sung Min revealed

The late Jo Sung Min's will has been uncovered and revealed to the public. The will was found in his backpack while his things were being organ…

   Tuesday, January 15, 2013   89,434   54,989   0
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Choi Jin Shil's children accept harsh reality

It has already been more than a year since the late Choi Jin Shil left us in a tragic manner. So how are her two precious children, Hwanhee and Joon…

   Thursday, October 22, 2009   7,663   49,989   0


Hwanhee prays to his mother, Choi Jin Shil

It has already been a year since Choi Jin Shil has passed away, and her son HwanHee has revealed his feelings regarding his mother's death. It was al…

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Choi Jin Shil - One Year Later

Last October, many hearts were broken by the news that Choi Jin Shil had committed suicide. Now, it has already been a year since this devastating new…

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Choi Jin Shil's Grave Robber Caught?

Not quite... The police investigation team in charge of the case of Choi Jin Shil's stolen ashes, revealed on the morning of 25th August that they ha…

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