Akdong Musician and Bang Ye Dam collaborate on 'K-Pop Star 2'

January 2, 2013 @ 2:31 am
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'K-Pop Star 2' contestants Akdong Musician and Bang Ye Dam held a collaborative performance on the latest episode of the audition program.

The episode centered around the casting auditions, where the remaining contestants were divided into teams and forced to collaborate with each other, adding a mixture of uncertainty into the audition. After listening to their performances, the three judges would select which of the contestants to take with them for further training before the next round of competition.

Akdong Musician, the duo sister-brother group from Mongolia, was paired with 11-year-old Bang Ye Dam, who had wowed the judges previously with his sense of rhythm.

Although the judges expressed some worry about how the two vastly different sounds would piece together, it seems like the new collaboration didn't let the panel down with their rendition of Jackson Five's "I Want You Back" .

"There are some people who can twist and turn the melody nearly instantly, without thinking," J.Y. Park praised. "Ye Dam is one of those people."

"I want to praise all of you," BoA added. "When a new member comes into a group, there's bound to be some problems. But the three of you get along fine."

"I think that Akdong Musician has a strong chance of receiving a lot of love from the public," Yang Hyun Suk said.

Catch the full episode below [The trio's performance begins at 19:45 in the second video].

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