INFINITE's Sunggyu interviews himself?

December 18, 2012 @ 7:33 pm
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INFINITE's Sunggyu 'interviewed' himself for LOEN TV and the video was recently shared on YouTube.

The interview starts off humorously as interviewer-Sunggyu asks himself if he had eaten. Interviewee-Sunggyu answers that he has not, and then interviewer-Sunggyu says, "Ah, I knew it. So I ordered us some pizza".

The two Sunggyus then talked about his album, including his follow up track "I Need You". Interviewer-Sunggyu asks interviewee-Sunggyu to sing a bit of the song, to with the interviewee answers, "I'm a bit embarrassed because it's in front of myself...".

Other humorous parts include when the interviewer-Sunggyu says, "INFINITE has to do well", to which interviewee-Sunggyu responds, "I'm INFINITE, too". The interviewer then expresses his surprise that Sunggyu is part of INFINITE, saying, "Really?".

Check out the self-interview below!

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