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KARA becomes the all-time leader in DVD sales for a foreign artist in Japan

November 21, 2012 @ 6:59 pm
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KARA has become the all-time leader in DVD sales for a foreign artist in Japan.

The title had been held previously by Girls' Generation, but KARA has become the overall #1 with the release of the group's latest DVD, 'KARA 1st JAPAN TOUR 2012 KARASIA'. The DVD sold 30,000 copies in its first week, shooting to the top of the Oricon Weekly DVD Chart.

A Japanese news outlet reported, "KARA has surpassed Girls' Generation, who had ranked #1 in the DVD charts twice. They've taken the #1 overall spot for a foreign artist." The group has ranked #1 on the Oricon Weekly DVD Charts previously with 'KARA BEST CLIPS', and 'KARA BEST CLIPS 2 & Shows'.

The Blu-Ray version of the same concert sold 14,000 copies in the first week, ranking at #2 on the Blu-Ray Weekly charts. Not only so, but their album 'Girls Forever' also ranked #2 on the Album Weekly charts.

Congratulations to KARA!

Source: Xports News



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