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J.Y. Park gets flustered that Baek Ah Yeon can attend his 19+ concert

November 24, 2012 @ 9:10 am
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Baek Ah Yeon flustered J.Y. Park with her desire to attend his 19+ concert. The conversation happened on Twitter, where J.Y. Park first tweeted, "The reason why this concert is a 'Bad Jazz Bar' is because you're going to feel like you're at a very adult like jazz bar instead of at a concert. It's an adult jazz bar where there are flashy instruments, dangerous dances, and sticky songs playing throughout the entire night.." In reply, Baek Ah Yeon wrote, "I'm looking forward to it, PD hehehehe". Her response flustered J.Y. Park, who responded, "Ah, you can come into 19+ concerts. Mm... Something is awkward... Mm... It's going to be really sexual... Are you sure you can come in? ^^;;". Fans couldn't help but laugh at the conversation, replying, "Baek Ah Yeon is an adult, right...", "But still, Baek Ah Yeon going to an adult's concert is weird!", and "J.Y. Park is kind of cute".   Source: J.Y. Park's Twitter

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