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IU compares the MCs of 'Quiz Show Q' to alcohol

November 11, 2012 @ 6:36 am
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IU compared the MCs of 'Strongest Victor Quiz Show Q' to types of alcohol at a recent filming.

She said, "Son Bum Soo's style is like clean jeongjong (refined rice wine)." On the other hand, she described the other MC Park Myung Soo as the opposite, saying, "You never know how you're going to end things, so you're makgeolli (unrefined rice wine)."

She compared herself to beer, saying, "I have soft bubbles with a sharp charm, so I'm beer." Park Myung Soo took revenge on her by saying, "Your popularity is like the bubbles."

The episode of 'Quiz Show Q' will broadcast on November 9th.

Source: Ajoo Economy via Nate



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