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Boyfriend's teaser for "Janus" gains interest for the '2 second Moon Chae Won'

November 6, 2012 @ 12:56 am
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On the 5th, Boyfriend released their teaser for "Janus", featuring the twins Youngmin and Kwangmin as the two-faced god 'Janus'.

The music video gained much attention from fans because it shows a powerful, charismatic side of Boyfriend that fans hadn't seen before. Not only so, but it features a large-scale set and emphasizes the members' transformation from boys into men with details.

The female lead of the music video, revealed to be Starship Entertainment's trainee, is also gaining much attention. She has been nicknamed '2 second Moon Chae Won' by fans.

Fans commented, "I was surprised because I thought it was Moon Chae Won", and "Starship Entertainment's trainee is so pretty".

Boyfriend will be releasing their album on November 8th.

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