2PM's Wooyoung discovers his talent of sealing envelopes on 'Star King'

November 11, 2012 @ 8:47 am
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The recent broadcast of SBS' 'Star King' showcased a new section of the show, 'Idol Star King'.

During 'Idol Star King', a master of sealing envelopes appeared and showed off her brilliant hand skills in sealing envelopes.

2PM's members each attempted at sealing 20 envelopes, and did so according to each of their know-hows. Chansung made the viewers laugh by introducing himself as the "claw hands of the envelope world."

Wooyoung especially showed off his talent in sealing envelopes by finishing them rapidly and accurately first out of all the members. In addition, although 2PM finished first, the master of sealing envelopes beat them in the degree of completion so the match resulted in a tie.

Source+Picture: TV Daily via Nate

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