What made Hani cry on 'Star King'?

SBS's 'Star King' now aired the episode, revealing why EXID's Hani cried in the formerly dropped preview that received harsh criticism from netizens.O…

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Netizens bash on Hani for crying too much

Is there such a thing as being 'too in touch with your emotions'? For EXID's Hani, that couldn't be more true, and netizens are generally of the opini…

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Boom to return to 'Star King'

Boom will be returning to SBS' 'Star King' after 3 years and 2 months away.On January 13, insiders revealed that Boom filmed for 'Star King' this past…

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Hani reveals her ideal type on 'Star King'

Hani has revealed her ideal type on 'Star King'!We all know now that she's dating JYJ's Junsu and had been for some time, but it looks like Hani might…

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