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Rookie girl group E2RE releases debut song "Deep Night Sad Song"

October 31, 2012 @ 4:12 am
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E2RE ('E-Two-R-E'), a new 4 member rookie girl group, has unveiled their debut single album titled 'Break Out In November' containing various versions of their song "Deep Night Sad Song".

Ahead of the release, they revealed a teaser for their upcoming music video that stars popular actors Lee Sun Gyun and Oh Yeon Seo (Lee Joon's 'wife' on 'We Got Married'), which you can check out here.

Their name, E2RE, is supposed to be formed after the word "etoiler", a French verb, and is said to signify the group's wish to become a shining star of the music scene.

Until the full music video drops, take a listen to the various versions of the song below!

Ballad version

Guitar version

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