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Indonesian group S4 releases "She Is My Girl" ft. HyunA

October 31, 2012 @ 3:53 am
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It was reported earlier that HyunA would be partaking in the album of an Indonesian group S4 for their debut album. It turns out the group has also released their album online on Korean music sites!

Released on October 31st, their album 'Sexy, Sweet, Smart & Sentimental' contains various versions of the song "Driving Me Crazy" and the title track "She Is My Girl".

S4 is a name made up of the individual concepts for each of the members ('Sexy' Firly, 'Sweet' Jeje, 'Sentimental' Arthur', and 'Smart' Alif) as well as signifying 'Super Star'.

Check out their songs below as well as the music video for their title track, which was released with their Indonesian release prior to the release in Korea.

She Is My Girl (ft. Hyuna) (Indonesian Version)

Driving Me Crazy (Indonesian Version)

She Is My Girl (ft. HyunA) (English Version)

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