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'Elizabeth' producers deny rumors of Junsu getting paid $54,000 USD per show

October 29, 2012 @ 10:16 pm
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The producers of musical 'Elizabeth' denied rumors of JYJ's Junsu getting paid 60 million KRW (approximately $54,000 USD) per show.

The producers, EMK Musical Company, stated, "It is not true that Junsu took 1.92 billion KRW (approximately $1.7 million USD) as a guarantee after 32 shows."

EMK Musical Company also added, "For 120 shows, 'Elizabeth' costs 9.5 billion KRW (approximately $8.7 million USD) for the production, or 80 million KRW ($73,000 USD) per show. That includes the venue fees, the copyright fees, the actor expenses, promotional costs, along with stage and set costs. It doesn't make logical sense for one actor to take 75% of the total production cost. "

The company is currently planning to take legal action against the media outlet that reported about Junsu's pay.

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