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[Now Hiring] Assistant Editors, Writers, Fashion Bloggers, Music Reviewers, and Op-Ed Bloggers

By    Friday, September 14, 2012   58,526   0   0



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Are you highly passionate about K-Pop and think you have what it takes to be a part of the allkpop team?

If you do, it's time to put your skills to the test and apply for our new job openings!

allkpop is looking for talented, highly-motivated individuals who are fluent in both Korean and English to fill compensated positions for assistant editors, writers, music reviewers, op-ed and fashion bloggers on our staff. If you are a responsible individual who is able to work independently and possess strong communications skills, then we want you to submit your stuff!

If you think you're up to the task, we'll need a bit of background information and some examples of your work.

[Must be able to work legally in United States.]


[ Profile ]

Give us a paragraph or two about your background and why we should be interested in hiring you. Please include any type of related qualifications that you think might help you – previous translation work is a major plus.

Please also include your availability (times you are able to write for the site) in Eastern Standard Time. Be specific in your available time block, as it would help all those involved.


[ Assignment ]

> Assistant Editor (must be fluent in both Korean and English):

For more information on Assistant Editor positions please click here.


> Writer (must be fluent in both Korean and English): [Freelance/Part Time/ Full Time]

Send in a short sample of your writing. It can be an excerpt from any creative writing you've done in the past or perhaps a paper you've done for school. We are looking to see the level at which you can write at by taking into consideration the grammar, spelling, style, transition, and overall flow. Once reviewed, an article will be sent to you for you to translate and send back to us.


Fashion Blogger:

Submit an analytical piece on an outfit worn by a Korean celebrity with an attached photo. The photo can be from any event or production, as long as it is recent (less than six months old).

A formal writing style is not necessary for this particular application. However, things like grammar, spelling, flow, and vocabulary are still important.


> Music Reviewer:

The review section on allkpop is a great platform for those passionate about music to express their opinions on current K-Pop releases.

We help broaden the range of Korean music awareness as well as enrich our readers with the production process behind our favorite K-Pop songs. Because our reviews are editorial based, we require our reviewers to have a strong command of written English and a strong understanding of the inner workings of the K-Pop industry.

Provide us with an analytical, yet assessable review of either a current K-Pop album or mini album released this month to apply for this position. This position is open to those fluent or non-fluent in the Korean language.


> Op-Ed Bloggers / Special Features:

Bloggers will be required to submit weekly editorials on various trending topics in Korean entertainment & culture, as well as work on special feature articles.

To apply, please submit an original opinion editorial explaining why you feel K-pop and Korean media as a whole has become such a global phenomenon. Be analytical and descriptive, while still including hard facts to support your arguments. Try to deliver your main points in 500 words or less. Please note, these op-ed blogger positions are open to all applicants, fluent or non-fluent in the Korean language. However, a strong understanding of the Korean entertainment scene and culture is a necessity.


If you want to be a part of the rapidly growing 6Theory network, then please send us an e-mail with your profile and assignment to: ContentTeam [at] Make sure to put in the subject what position you are applying for.


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