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Goo Hye Sun shows off her 4.44 GPA

July 15, 2012 @ 2:34 am
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Actor/movie director Goo Hye Sun has revealed her stellar report card.

On July 14th, she tweeted a screen capture of her report card along with a short tweet saying, "Truthfully, I placed first at school."

Goo Hye Sun's report card shows that her GPA is 4.44 and she ranked first out of 52 students. She took seven classes and received the grade of A+ in six of those classes, which proves that not only is she a talented entertainer, but also a model student.

Netizens commented on her impressive grades saying, "She's so pretty and on top of that she's smart...," "What is it that she can't do? The world is unfair,"and "She must be proud of herself."

On another, Goo Hye Sun attends Sung Kyun Kwan University and her commuting to school via the subway has also drawn attention.

Source & Image: Goo Hye Sun's Twitter


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