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Simon D reminisces about Supreme Team's earlier days

May 1, 2012 @ 12:32 pm
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Simon D left a message on Twitter reminiscing about Supreme Team's early days.

He tweeted on May 1st, "Sangu drew Supreme Team, who was sweeping up Hongdae 2007-2008. I long for those days, forever young." The drawing he posted was of characters representing himself and E-Sens, who ran into some trouble with the law recently.

Fans commented, "You seem like you're missing something, Simon D, until the day that Supreme Team sweeps up Hongdae again, fighting," "I miss E-Sens. After some reflection, I hope he returns with a good image," and "A solo Supreme Team doesn't work. Simon D, E-Sens, keep at it and be strong."

Source + Photo: Simon D's Twitter

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