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Pledis Entertainment's managing director drops details on After School's upcoming releases

May 4, 2012 @ 4:07 am
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Pledis Entertainment's managing director has dropped some new details on After School and Orange Caramel's upcoming releases this year!

In a recent Twitter update, the director revealed that After School was preparing for their fifth Korean single, fourth Japanese single, and that Orange Caramel was also preparing for their first album.

His update read:

"Starting tomorrow, we'll be preparing for After School's fifth Korean single by editing, preparing for recording, album jacket photoshoots, and finally the music video filming. The members will only be in town for a short while this month so we have to prepare thoroughly...

After School's fourth Japanese single is off to a good start preparation wise because the girls have been getting a lot of invites from Japanese music programs. Japanese promotions will begin this month, and the girls will be returning on June 21st. Anyway, I have a feeling both their Korean and Japanese singles will do well.

Orange Caramel's first Korean album's demo is nearly finalized as well and we'll be recording soon. They'll probably be recording the majority of it in their Japanese studio, but our team is always happy to be producing for Orange Caramel ^____^.

And finally, After School will be releasing their sixth Korean single when the cold wind begins to blow..."

Stay tuned for updates!

Source: Official Pledis Managing Director's Twitter
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