Ha Ji Won almost broke her tooth when she kissed Jo In Sung?

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Actress Ha Ji Won recalled having an intense kiss scene with Jo In Sung that ended unexpectedly.

Ha Ji Won appeared on the April 3rd episode of KBS2's 'Win Win' and was asked about the most difficult kiss scene she's had, "The hardest was when I had a kiss scene with Jo In Sung for the drama 'What Happened in Bali.'"

She continued, "It was a scene where Jo In Sung was forcing himself on me and I was trying to get away.  It was supposed to be a soft but strong kiss, but he bumped into me so hard that he almost broke my tooth.  I also cut my lips."

She also mentioned a kiss scene with Lee Seung Gi, who she is currently co-starring with in the MBC drama, 'The King 2 Hearts.'  She said, "Lee Seung Gi misread the script.  The script said to kiss Hang Ah (Ha Ji won's character name) who is lying down, but he came and lay down behind me.  Eventually the director told him to get out," which caused everyone to laugh.

Kim Seung Woo, who had a kiss scene with Ha Ji Won in the movie 'Reversal of Fortune' mentioned that, "Ha Ji Won is a good kisser."  This seemed to embarrass Ha Ji Won because she lowered her head and became bright red.

Source: Ilkan Sports



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