Girls' Generation Yuri reveals her habit during NG scenes

April 11, 2012 @ 2:55 am
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Girls' Generation member Yuri, who is currently starring in the drama, 'Fashion King,' recently revealed her habit when she messes up (NG scenes).

An event was recently held where fans could come together and watch SBS's drama 'Fashion King' at their studio.  Yuri was in attendance that day and spoke about how she reacts when she messes up a scene.

During the event, a fan asked if she has a reaction she does out of habit when she causes an NG, and Yuri said, "Unknowingly I say, 'What do I do' and stick my tongue out."  Fans who heard this said, "Cute", "I hope they show a compilation of her NGs", and "It is because she is a rookie actress."

She not only told the people how she reacts when she messes up but she also shared her most memorable line thus far.  Yuri said, "I can say it here right?  Everyone who came out her today, 'Wipe your mouth,'" which received a huge response from her fans.

After the event, Yuri said, "Thank you all for coming out to see and supporting me even with all the rain outside.  It was more fun watching the show with my fans.  Today was a great day because of all of you."

'Fashion King' airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS at 9:55pm KST.

Source: TVReport's SSTV

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