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Sohee becomes a rocker for VOGUE Girl

March 19, 2012 @ 3:26 pm
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Wonder Girls member Sohee transformed into a bad girl in the latest photoshoot for VOGUE Girl.

On March 19th, photos of Sohee from her VOGUE Girl photoshoot were revealed. For the photoshoot, Sohee used a rocker musician as her motif, using sparkly eyeshadow and fun poses to draw out her cute charms.

Even in plain t-shirt and jeans, Sohee was able to express her unique sensibility and stylish beauty. In another picture, Sohee is seen in a feminine, white dress and a casual hooded zipper drawing a curious expression and pose - successfully using her modeling skills to tell a story within the photoshoot.

Also, in another look, Sohee sported a layered look and matched her outfit with rings and bracelets, showing off her charisma in a vintage rockstar look.

It was reported that fans will be able to catch Sohee's denim fashion in the full spread of the April issue of VOGUE Girl and through the denim section of Tommy Hilfiger's website.

Check out photos from her shoot below!


Source: Newsen via Nate

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