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Old photo of Kim Tae Hee surfaces

March 29, 2012 @ 7:22 am
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An older photo of Kim Tae Hee surfaced online lately, and this time, netizens don't have just praise for the immensely beautiful actress.

On an online community board, a photo of Kim Tae was uploaded with the title, "The one and only humiliating photo of Kim Tae Hee." The picture is a capture of MBC's 'Special' with a caption that reads, "Clean, Fashion Model Kim Tae Hee," and shows a less than perfect side of the star that netizens were surprised to see, considering how flawless the actress looks in almost all her pictures.

The actress seems to look older with the style of makeup and the deep facial lines created by her wide grin. However her beauty still shines through, showcasing her defined facial features that so many of her fans are envious of.

Netizens who saw the old photo of Kim Tae Hee commented, "Our goddess Kim Tae Hee had this kind of a past?", "This is definitely the only bad photo she has," "The photo was already released before," and "Is that really her?"

Source & Photo: Seoul Newspaper Boom

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