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[Giveaway] allkpop x LEDapple signed CDs!

March 27, 2012 @ 4:44 am
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There's a saying that goes "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", and who better than LEDApple to chase away the wintertime blues?

Earlier this month, LEDApple released their comeback track, "Sadness", delighting fans with a fresh and infectious beat. After waiting for a few weeks, fans can finally enjoy the full music video to go with it for it has just been released!

"Sadness" is the sixth single from Startory Entertainment's six-man rock band, and was penned by Jo Young Soo, the composer behind T-ara's "Cry Cry" as well as various other k-pop hits.

With the celebration of their MV release, we are holding a five signed CD + special polaroids giveaway!

How to win!

Comment below using your 6Theory account on why you love LEDApple.
Make to share this story via facebook, twitter or me2day!

The contest ends at April 2nd 11:59PM EST! Good luck.

If you haven't already, purchase "Sadness" directly from iTunes here and check out allkpop's review of the song here!

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