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Busker Busker celebrates upcoming release of debut album with showcase

March 26, 2012 @ 9:36 am
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On March 26th KST, 'Superstar K3' contestant Busker Busker finally held their long-awaited debut showcase at the Times Square in Youngdeungpo, Seoul!

To celebrate the upcoming release of their first official album, leader Jang Bum Joon revealed, "It finally feels like we're really performing music. Before, I felt something empty when we performed music on the streets, but now it really feels like we've become singers. I know that we have to work hard, and everything is just so touching."

Brad stated, "I'm really excited and proud of my fellow two members. We all worked hard, and had a lot of fun producing this album."

Kim Hyung Tae added, "As it is an album that we worked hard to prepare, I'm thankful for all of the help, and hope that people will take a listen to it."

The men performed their title track, "Cherry Blossom Ending", as well as three other songs off of their album. The album contains a total of 11 tracks and is scheduled for release on March 29th.

Until then, check out photos from the event and their music video for "Ideal Type" below!

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Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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