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Melon Music releases Yearly Chart for 2011

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Melon has released a collective report of the best hits on their website for 2011!


The most popular song in 2011 was none other than T-ARA's "Roly Poly", being the most streamed and downloaded song overall. It's catchy, upbeat melody and easy-to-follow dance moves have been a big hit with the fans. GG's addictive track "I Cheated" featuring Park Bom earned the #2 slot, while the ladies of 2NE1 secured two spots on the Top-10 list with their hit song "I Am the Best" at #3, and "Ugly" at #9. Best Overall Hits (2011.01.02~12.10) 1.) T-ARA - Roly Poly 2.) GG - I Cheated (feat. Park Bom) 3.) 2NE1 - I Am the Best 4.) B2ST - On Rainy Days 5.) Leessang - I Turned Off the TV 6.) 2NE1 - Ugly 7.) SISTAR - So Cool 8.) 4MEN - Once In A Lifetime 9.) IU - Good Day 10.) miss A - Good-bye Baby ==


7 of the 10 artists on the Top-10 Most Downloaded tracks of 2011 were female, including T-ARA who came in at #1 with "Roly Poly", 2NE1's "I Am the Best" at #3, miss A and their song "Good-bye Baby" at #5, Davichi with "Don't Say Goodbye" at #6, SISTAR's "So Cool" at #7, SECRET with "Shy Boy" at #9, and soloist G.NA rounded out the top 10 with "Black and White". Most Downloaded (2011.01.02~12.10) 1.) T-ARA - Roly Poly 2.) GG - I Cheated (feat. Park Bom) 3.) 2NE1 - I Am the Best 4.) Leessang - I Turned Off the TV 5.) miss A - Good-bye Baby 6.) Davichi - Don't Say Goodbye 7.) SISTAR - So Cool 8.) Kim Bum Soo - Please 9.) Secret - Shy Boy 10.) G.NA - Black and White ==


Infinite Challenge's West Coast Highway Music Festival came in at #1 on the list of most-sold albums in 2011, each track on the album breaking the top 100 song list of the year. Survival program 'I Am a Singer' was obviously a huge hit this year, as two of the albums from the program have broke the top 10 list. Leessang's 'AsuRa BalBalTa' secured the #2 spot, while GD&TOP's came in at #3. Four of Big Bang's albums broke the Top-50 list of most-sold albums in 2011, displaying their undying international fame. Album Chart (2011.01.02~12.10) 1.) Infinite Challenge - West Coast Highway Music Festival 2.) Leessang - AsuRa BalBalTa 3.) GD&TOP - GD&TOP 1st Full-Length album 4.) Big Bang - Big Bang's 4th Mini-Album 5.) I Am a Singer - Survival 'I Am a Singer' 2nd Contest 6.) IU - Real 7.) Ooh La La Session - Super Star K3 Top 11 Part 1 8.) I Am a Singer - Survival 'I Am a Singer' Contest 3-2 9.) 4MEN - The Artist 10.) Girls' Generation - 'The Boys' The 3rd Album ==


The girls of 2NE1 have dominated this year, successfully listing their hit songs "I Am the Best", "Ugly", "Lonely", "Hate You" on the list of Top 50 overall hits at #3, #6, #16, and #27 respectively, while Park Bom's solo track "Don't Cry" secured the #15 spot. Altogether, the girls secured five songs on the list of top 50, while their label mates Big Bang secured a few spots on the list with songs like "Tonight", and Love Song". Additionally, Big Bang's sub-unit GD&TOP secured two spots in the Top 50 with "Oh Yeah (feat. Park Bom)" and "High High". Needless to say, it has been a fruitful year for YG Entertainment, releasing 9 hits total from group, solo, and sub-unit promotions. IU managed to break the Top 50 with three songs, "Good Day" which was released last year and "Only I Didn't Know" along with "Someday". IU currently continues to dominate the charts with her new song, "You & I". Even though both Girls' Generation and the Wonder Girls released their albums late into the year, they performed well on the albums chart, 'The Boys' came in at #10, while 'Wonder World' earned the #13 slot. Programs like 'I Am a Singer' as well as 'Super Star K' have made room for new artists to make their name known in the industry as well as creating opportunities for older artists to re-establish their reputation. Source & Image(s) : Melon


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